Born in Portugal, living and working in London, been designing professionally since 2005. Fast forward a few years I’m now a multi-disciplinary maker, a designer, founder and mentor.

I specialise in UI/UX Design primarily in UI, Product & Service Design and Branding while being proficient at illustration and motion.

I deliver an end-to-end design process, from research, ideation, discovery, user flows, wireframes, prototypes and visual design. I’m able to adapt visual styles to suit a tone of voice or brand, from dashboard design to advertising.

Love grids, typography, backstories, polished visuals, embrace SEO, Dev, insights, data, AI and strategy. Aside from mentoring 4 subjects on design I sculpt and run a designer toy project - Kriture. I maintain a small fan-base exploring my passion for illustration and motion while cracking algorithms on social media

Primary fields of work:
Dashboard Design | Product Design
Service Design | Entertainment Industry
Campaigns | Branding | Illustration

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Conceptualisation and design for an entire product cycle, creation and maintenance of dynamic UI Kits, Component Libraries and Styleguides. Data visualisation, charts, interactive dashboards, Usage of atomic design principles, to effortlessly maintain visual styles when working solo or in a team

UI/UX Wireframing  Prototyping Advanced Sketch Libraries  Atomic & Component Design  Websites  Mentorship


Advertising campaigns for all print formats including London’s advertising spaces. Beautiful logos generated by hidden stories, visual identities for researchers, analysts, agencies, start-ups and influencers. Creation of collateral, merch, static and interactive concept decks. Product branding and packaging, Image colour grading and retouching

Branding  Typography  Artworking  Illustration  Photo Editing  Photo Retouching Visual Identity Logo Design



Digital experiences animation for quality assurance for developers, journey validation with focused groups and clients. Motion graphics for social media, campaigns, animated illustrations and typography, video editing and colour grading.

Prototype animation  Motion Graphics   Video Editing   Colour Grading  Sprite Animation

Dassault Systèmes

Square Enix
Random House
Pan Macmillan
De Beers

American Express
British Airlines
British Telecom
British Gas
Now TV
Home Office

Turner & Townsend

Extended Version

My design journey started by illustrating my dreams on photoshop and re-skinning games. I was accepted in a semi-private technical school of Graphic Arts at the age of 15 applying with what I could do best - Drawing

I moved to Lisbon at 18 starting that sweet design freelance life solely doing graphic design, 3 years later In need of adopting the digital ways, I applied to a BSc of Design & Multimedia, the first degree in Portugal merging Data Science with Design. My mind was set, that’s where I wanted to go.

I did a single application to a single University with the only skill that remained fresh in my mind - Technical Drawing. I got accepted, despite all odds.

The master plan was to learn from specific design teachers, members of AGI, one degree of separation from Stephan Sagmeister and Paula Scher, awarded for the best European Design Agency. To do so, I would have to learn to program… and Artificial Intelligence in 2009.

Our AI teacher is a published author with a notorious reputation of his tough teaching ways, he had just received the Evo Star Award for outstanding contributions to the field of Evolutionary Computation and was the founder of the AI group in Portugal.

The AI assignments required an understanding of cognition and computational biology, equally fascinating as terrifying for a designer, a creature who’s brain is primarily driven by its right side.

To solve these tasks, I would have to obsess with AI. Slowly I started to see how these concepts could be integrated with design.

Became a visual designer driven by logic, creating beautiful generative logos and data visualisation. Developed a style that is driven by hidden grids and meanings as well as visually appealing.

I took an extra MSc class of advanced typography, made a couple of fonts, got a scholarship where I became a UI/UX Designer for a research lab focused on human interaction, games and apps. The design teachers I wanted to impress became my mentors. I freelanced on the side, gave design workshops and started a personal project - Kriture.

Kriture was a safe bridge between graphic and digital design where I could safely grow. It led me to learn about A B testing, SEO, strategy, social media algorithms, insights, eCommerce and marketing, while exploring my fascination for character design, motion, illustration, sculpture and psychology. It was presented in a few design conferences.

Around 2017 I tasted the digital nomad life for 6 months, that’s when I actively started teaching and mentoring UI, UX, branding, design 101 & typography for students around the world at Design Lab.

I’m now happily settled in London, had the honour of developing products and services for companies such as IBM, Sony, Bloomberg, Google, British Airlines, Square Enix, Hostmaker, M&C Saatchi, Ogilvy, Home Office, Turner & Townsend, World’s Trademark Review, Land Rover, to name a few.